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Subliminal Short Irons Golf MP3

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Hit Longer, Straighter Iron Shots

This subliminal Mp3 is indeed created for golfers that want to hit longer, straighter iron shots in the same time short too.

Shorter irons are relatively easy to control; become a stroke-saving target-shooter to the degree that you care - hint, start caring a lot!

Then go out and develop a deadly short game and enjoy it more, as well.

Golf is much more fun and rewarding when you hit more greens, and from farther out!

Get to know all your distances through caring.

Easily ignore any annoying pace of play or distractions, and focus like a laser on every shot. Play this subliminal recording often for best results. Eagle!

Three subliminal mp3s are offered on this page.

You can buy all three and get 15% off instantly.

The more you buy the more you save.

We offer now the music subliminal version, same affirmations but with music background.


Subliminal Long Driving Golf Affirmations

I feel confident and strong. I am relaxed and calm. My mission is to be a long, accurate driver. I work on my setup and shoulder turn with patience and determination. I can plan my drives aggressively and execute every drive as planned. I am generating more and more clubhead speed. I watch the ball at impact on every shot. My head is steady and always remains behind the ball. I get more speed when my arms are relaxed and flexible. My grip is light but firm. My body spins in a fluid motion. I can aim my setup effectively. I focus on my target area. I choose my target areas carefully and realistically. I like the driving range and par fives for long drives. I am a long ball hitter. I let my driver perform its designed job efficiently by guiding it with force and accuracy. My grips are always clean and dry. My driver fits me. I am comfortable with my driver. I use my large muscles to turn and spin my body in place. I stay balanced through every swing and follow through. I am extremely balanced and focused. I am patient and confident. I get tremendous satisfaction from my long, accurate drives. Driving is my specialty.

What You Will Receive


Ocean Subliminal

This sample does not contain subliminal.

Music Sample:

This sample contains subliminal.

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  • Ocean Subliminal a track of 55-60 minutes
  • Silent Subliminal one track 55-60 Minutes

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You will receive a CD with the track as following:

  • Ocean Subliminal CD- One Ocean Track 55-60 minutes and one bonus Track Silent Subliminal 10 Minutes
  • Silent Subliminal CD- One Music Track 55-60 minutes
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