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Oportunities to Shine while Golfning

Fairway woods can be intimidating, particularly if you've had some unpleasant experiences with them.

In reality, woods, metalwoods and long hybrids can provide greater distance with less effort than, for example, a 2 iron might require.

Embrace the power!

Stay relaxed, but energized, and watch the ball leap from your clubface every time -and on the right trajectory- with the help of this custom subliminal recording.

Play happy, play within yourself.


We offer now the music subliminal version, same affirmations but with music background.

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60 Minutes Running Time. CDs come in a plastic case- the affirmations are printed on the back of your case. A short print how to use subliminal also will be enclosed with your CD,

All Cds come in a bubble wrap and are shipped First Class.

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Each Mp3 is 30 minutes long. Will be instantly downloaded right after payment, also a link will be sent to your email address. No waiting for shipping.

Read the affirmations and play the music sample.

Fairway Woods Affirmations

I am impressed with the power of my fairway woods. I am confident hitting a powerful wood off of turf. I am consistent. I restrict my back swing slightly with all my longer clubs. Gravity begins my downswing. I accelerate and power through the ball as I watch impact. My head remains steady, always farther from the target than my ball. I stay behind the ball line. My swing is always balanced. I am in balance through my accelerating swing and follow through. I generate relaxed club head speed with my spinning body. I spin my body with my feet and legs on my downswing. My arms follow my spinning body as I watch the ball. I watch impact and trajectory of every shot. I choose my targets carefully. I pick targets that I can hit. I am realistic and I plan every hole and shot according to my ability. I can make solid contact with a fairway wood every time. Fairway woods are effortless and powerful. I receive great satisfaction from my long, accurate golf shots. I like to practice hitting woods off of grass. I get solid contact every time.

What You Will Receive


Ocean Subliminal

This sample does not contain subliminal.

Music Sample:

This sample contains subliminal.

Purchasing MP3

  • Ocean Subliminal a track of 55-60 minutes
  • Silent Subliminal one track 55-60 Minutes

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You will receive a CD with the track as following:

  • Ocean Subliminal CD- One Ocean Track 55-60 minutes and one bonus Track Silent Subliminal 10 Minutes
  • Silent Subliminal CD- One Music Track 55-60 minutes
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