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Unaffected by pace, score, distractions

Chipping and Pitching

Your short game is an excellent place to start saving strokes.

Stop being rushed or worried. Instead, get into the target-shooting aspect of chipping and pitching. Start paying more attention to setup, spin, landing areas and consistency.

No brute strength required. Have more fun with your short game and practice more efficiently. Design imaginitive shots that work!

Be creative, it is still only a game.

Don't get angry or frustrated, only interested in having fun- because when you're having fun, you shoot better.

And when you shoot better, you have even more fun. Feel The Zone materializing?

We offer now the music subliminal version, same affirmations but with music background.

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Read the affirmations and play the music sample.

Golf-Subliminal Chipping Affirmations

My short game is accurate and fun. I choose my landing areas carefully. I can see my trajectory and arc of the ball before every shot. I see it landing on my target. My aiming is deliberate and confident. I clear my mind completely before every chip shot. My setup determines the outcome of every shot. Every swing is an accelerating, descending strike and follow through. I can pitch and run effectively by choosing the correct iron and stroke. My chipshots fly high and true. I make solid contact through the ball at a downward angle every time. I like to practice my chipping. I am confident with my distances. My wedges are extensions of my arms. I stay well balanced throughout every swing and follow through. I enjoy target shooting with my wedges. I watch the head of my iron strike through the ball area. I watch the ball leave my clubface. My chipping routine is consistent and solid. My chipshots fly true on the target line that I create. My distance is accurate. I control my short irons with composure and confidence. I am imaginitive and consistently accurate with my chipping and pitching. Most of my weight stays on my target-side foot through every chip. I am always balanced. I choose targets that I know I can hit. Golf is pure enjoyment and happiness. My short golf game is fun and rewarding. I receive great satisfaction from my chipping and pitching skills. My downswing starts with gravity and accelerates downward through the ball precisely as I watch.

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Ocean Subliminal

This sample does not contain subliminal.

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This sample contains subliminal.

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  • Ocean Subliminal a track of 55-60 minutes
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  • Ocean Subliminal CD- One Ocean Track 55-60 minutes and one bonus Track Silent Subliminal 10 Minutes
  • Silent Subliminal CD- One Music Track 55-60 minutes
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