Mid & Long Irons Subliminal MP3

Mid and Long Iron Subliminal MP3

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Giving The Zone a Chance

Let your club do the work as designed; downward angle of attack, acceleration and solid ball contact are all you need to produce a long, impressive shot every time.

Be realistic in your choice of target, enjoy practicing, and have more fun golfing, period, with this subliminal recording that's aimed effectively at two through six iron proficiency.

Play it often for best results... and let us know when you start sticking those 3-irons, we want feedback!

Let the body do the work. Empty your mind of unwanted thoughts.

Be in the zone!

Every golfer has potential. Every golfer can train their mind to be in the zone.

Believe in yourself and let your mind free to choose for you the best outcome.

Have Fun! Do not be stressed and the results will amaze you.

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60 Minutes Running Time. CDs come in a plastic case- the affirmations are printed on the back of your case. A short print how to use subliminal also will be enclosed with your CD,

All Cds come in a bubble wrap and are shipped First Class.

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Each Mp3 is 30 minutes long. Will be instantly downloaded right after payment, also a link will be sent to your email address. No waiting for shipping.

Read the affirmations and play the music sample.

Golf Ninja Subliminal Low Scoring Mindset Affirmations

I have great fun hitting long iron shots. I let each club do its work as I guide it with acceleration. My head remains steady and I stay balanced through every swing. I always watch my ball leave the clubface. I can practice methodically, with purpose. I practice my irons often, with pleasure. I am impressed with the power of long irons. I can easily control my shots because I set up carefully. I am relaxed and patient. I am confident and calm. I keep my wrists more firm during swings with my longer irons. The longer the club, the stiffer my wrists become. I am aware of the length of my backswing. My backswing is the appropriate length for each club and shot. I am aware of my swing tempo. The speed of my swing is consistent and rhythmic. I am always balanced around the center of my swing. I spin my body to generate speed and force. My power comes from spinning speed generated by my feet and legs. I remain centered and balanced. My body alignment is consistent and my setup routine is solid. Golf is a fun target shooting game. My clubhead is always descending and accelerating through impact. I watch every impact and trajectory of the ball as it leaves toward my target. I use my large muscles to generate power.

What You Will Receive


Ocean Subliminal

This sample does not contain subliminal.

Music Sample:

This sample contains subliminal.

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  • Ocean Subliminal a track of 55-60 minutes
  • Silent Subliminal one track 55-60 Minutes

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You will receive a CD with the track as following:

  • Ocean Subliminal CD- One Ocean Track 55-60 minutes and one bonus Track Silent Subliminal 10 Minutes
  • Silent Subliminal CD- One Music Track 55-60 minutes
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