Low Scoring Mindset Subliminal MP3

Low Scoring Mindset Subliminal MP3

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Giving The Zone a Chance

Chronic unintentional sandbagging is on the rise- just kidding! But, what if it were true?

  • What makes us choke when we realize we're shooting too low?
  • Why does overthinking creep in and turn our minds to mush?
  • What are the pros thinking about?

Well, put your mind at ease, play this subliminal recording every day and forget about it.

Concentrate on having fun and aiming at your targets, like a video game or darts, for instance.

Just play the game and have fun- the more fun you have, the better you shoot. The better you shoot, the more fun you have.

Simple, right?

Wrong: Human nature sometimes fights us in this one. We question success in order to wrap our cerebral cortex around the process so we can magically duplicate it at will.

Maintaining any mental zone is an art, since emotions and distractions frequently try to interfere and rain all over our dynamic state. It's hard to get it back when you can't even consciously define it!

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Low Scoring MindSet Affirmations

Golf is good for me. Golf is my game because it is challenging and rewarding. I welcome every opportunity for excellence with every stroke. I focus on each setup and shot to make it the best it can be. I can hit the ball where I plan. I only care about each new shot as I aim at my target. I can easily keep my steady state of energy consistent throughout the entire round. I manage my nutrition and fluids intake effectively to remain steady. I am always hydrated. I am always a little hungry. It feels good to be hungry. I can concentrate on my round until it is finished. I play every round, every shot as well as I can from start to finish. I deserve to score well because I apply myself to every game from beginning to end. I am relaxed and confident with my golf game. I always adjust my strategy effectively. I am on a mission to hit every shot the best I can. I choose targets that I can hit. I am realistic and relaxed. I am patient and energized.I practice solid course management and I am prepared for every round. For all time and energy I give to golf, golf gives back to me in happiness and satisfaction. I am calm and confident. I am steady and focused.

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