Q & A

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Q   Is subliminal audio for golf suitable for beginners?

A   Not for early beginners, subliminal recordings are more appropriate for golfers who have identified certain connections between their mysterious inner thought processes and changes in performance.


Q   Am I guaranteed to improve at Golf?


A   Not everyone will get better; in our experience, this is usually due to lack of use or chronic sandbagging. We cannot guarantee results for many reasons, however, consider the small risk involved. Here is your guarantee: You will improve at golf when you apply yourself.


Q  Could subliminal recordings make me worse?


A   Absolutely not - if your scores go higher, it's temporary while you adjust to corrections that you are making and getting used to.


Q   How often should I play the subliminal recording?


A   One to three times daily, thirty to sixty minutes each time is more than adequate to support the changes you desire.

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