Golf Ninja is brought to you by the producers of the Sprudio Subliminal Audio Studio.

One of our engineers had a profound passion for golf; the mental side, as well as the physical one. So combining means, motive and opportunity, he has outdone himself in the creation of these nine NLP-based, golf-specific subliminal .mp3 tracks for us to offer to golfers worldwide, via the internet.

Golfers understand that the brain is the most powerful golf organ in the body. And they know something is going on behind the scenes; an inner dialogue which affects their shots and their scores.

Doubts, emotions and distractions cost strokes. Plus, too many thoughts can cloud your thinking during the shot planning process and setup.

After experiencing golf-specific subliminal audio, you will begin to catch yourself paying attention to different details than before. This is your subconscious collecting data.

And your score will soon reflect the benefits of mental practice, which can be as powerful as many buckets at the range.

A golfer's journey invariably includes attempts to deliberately call up The Zone, that special state of mind in which you are playing your best, scoring well, and you feel somewhat "unconscious." 

The connection between brain wave frequencies and synchronization, and this mysterious zone, are a matter of record; many professionals have tried various methods of avoiding beta wave brain states to think in a relaxed, focused manner out there when it counts.

Custom subliminal audio can help golfers to be prepared for challenging situations.

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