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  • Golf Ninja

    Subliminal solutions for today's thinking golfer.


    Subliminal That Works!
    Subliminal Messages to Transform Your Golf Game!
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    * The Front 9

    * Eliminate Mental Mistakes
    * Improve Consistency
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Golf Improvement at Subconscious Level

Subliminal solutions for today's thinking golfer.


No frills, no nonsense, just 9 effective subliminal recordings to help you fine-tune your game.

All you consciously hear in any of the tracks is a half hour of ocean waves. But your subconscious hears something else; it hears (and understands) a voice. The voice communicates with your inner golfer. The voice knows things about golf.

People use recordings with subliminal messages for all kinds of thinking-related behavior and performance improvements. Why not Golf? Absolutely no reason, because here it is!

  • Fairway Woods

    HOLE #5: Fairway Woods

    Fairway woods can be intimidating, particularly if you've had some unpleasant experiences with them. In reality, woods, metalwoods and long hybrids can provide greater distance with less effort than, for example, a 2 iron might require. Embrace the power! Stay relaxed, but energized, and watch the ball leap from your clubface every time -and on the right trajectory- with the help of this custom subliminal recording. Play happy!

  • Subliminal Golf Ninja

    HOLE #1: Subliminal Putting

    Working on one's putting game is perhaps the single most effective way to improve golf scores. Putting accounts for nearly half of all golf shots! And, anyone can do it... no incredible athletic abilities required! This 30-minute track of soothing ocean waves has been impregnated with ideas that, when adopted by even the most stubborn subconscious, will form the foundation thinking necessary to transform anyone into a great putter. The rest is up to you (play it often and practice as if every putt counts).

  • GolfNinja

    HOLE #3: Short Irons

    Shorter irons are relatively easy to control; become a stroke-saving target-shooter to the degree that you care - hint, start caring a lot! Then go out and develop a deadly short game and enjoy it more, as well. Golf is much more fun and rewarding when you hit more greens, and from farther out! Get to know all your distances through caring. Easily ignore any annoying pace of play or distractions, and focus like a laser on every shot. Play this subliminal recording often for best results. Eagle!

Golf Ninja subliminal audio downloads are brought to you as a new project for Spring of 2012 by the producers of  SPRUDIO SUBLIMINAL audio self-help products.