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Critical Golf Thinking

Golf Ninja Subliminal Course Management Audio mp3 file download

A motivational tool to get golfers more interested in doing their homework to save strokes.

You will want to know more about each course before playing it.

You'll consider all the conditions when you get there; speed of play, roll, wind, temperature, and of course your own physical state.

Nutrition, hydration, walk or ride, plus equipment and comfort management all work together to save you strokes when you are prepared.

Avoid strategic mistakes, and their cost in strokes, with the frequent use of this custom subliminal recording.


We offer now the music subliminal version, same affirmations but with music background.

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60 Minutes Running Time. CDs come in a plastic case- the affirmations are printed on the back of your case. A short print how to use subliminal also will be enclosed with your CD,

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Each Mp3 is 30 minutes long. Will be instantly downloaded right after payment, also a link will be sent to your email address. No waiting for shipping.

Read the affirmations and play the music sample.

Course Management Affirmations

I save strokes wherever I can. I understand and practice effective golf course management when I play. I am prepared and ready for every round. I do my homework. I know in advance how long each course will be. I dress appropriately and drink plenty of water. I am relaxed and confident because I am prepared. I receive great satisfaction and happiness from golf when I am prepared. I make solid decisions on the golf course. I plan ahead. I know my abilities and I plan within them. I choose my targets and target areas with great care. I watch the shots of others with attention to my strategy. I pay attention to all present conditions. I look for opportunities to save strokes. I am good at planning and following my strategy. I am prepared in golf. I plan ahead and stay within my game. Golf is exciting because I get exactly what I deserve from my preparation and skill. I deserve to play well because I am prepared. I like to practice a wide variety of shots for different conditions. I pay attention to the particulars of every course. I watch playing conditions with great interest because my knowledge saves me strokes. I am confident when I do my research. I play better because I am prepared. I create dynamic golf strategies.

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Ocean Subliminal

This sample does not contain subliminal.

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  • Silent Subliminal CD- One Music Track 55-60 minutes
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